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Excellence through Integration & Innovation.

01 about us

An Overview

Founded in 2018, Propr is a leading real estate investment and development platform, specialising in real world real estate success through integrated data and digital assets. Our reputation, is founded on the quality of our exceptional people, our best-in-class technology and wide range of dynamic products offered within a rigorous institutional framework

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Brands / Sectors
Truly the integrated real estate company that delivers results for our clients.

A diverse and global set of departments make us a truly integrated company.


Diversified across sectors and geography while allowing for a reliable data driven approach.


Servicing clients in key regions to serve our constantly expanding client base and seek growth opportunities.

*includes all data collected from all departments . All data as of April 1, 2022.

Our Approach

Our approach combines data driven sectors across a broad range of investment, marketing, proptech, fintech and franchising solutions.

We differentiate our process via our three core pillars of expertise in innovation, integration and risk management.

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02 At a glance

Hallmarks of Propr.

Extraordinary People
Best-in-Class Technology
Data Driven
Outstanding Macro Analysis
Structuring Expertise
Excellence in Risk Management
03 Culture

The Propr Experience

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Central to our unique culture are our people, whose innovation and application are the bedrock of Propr and fuel our collective success.

We bring together talented and devoted individuals with a wide range of synergistic skills and independent thinking and support them via a deeply collaborative firm culture that rewards results, initiative and integrity.

By investing in the continuous growth and personal development of our talent, we support them in reaching their full potential whilst also creating the optimal conditions for success.

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04 Careers

Working at Propr.

We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our global community. We look for individuals who are intellectually curious, passionate and share our mission and principles.

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