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01 introduction

About Us

Founded in 2018, we are an integrated real estate platform, specialising in franchising, data analytics, proptech, fintech and digital assets. We consist of 9 brands / departments including globally recognized brands, innovative tech and investment platforms.

Our HQ is situated in Bangkok with services being provided and clients in Thailand, Laos, Singapore and Hong Kong as of March 2022 with plans to expand to at least 3 more locations by late 2022.

Hallmarks of Propr.

Extraordinary People

Our deep and diverse talent pool is supported by a collaborative culture where we nurture talent and grow as a community of unique, creative and independent thinkers.

Best-in-Class Technology

Heavy investment and ongoing development ensures our team members have the best tools possible to succeed.

Data-Driven Approach

Our broad range of diversified investment products are distinct yet complementary to one another and solve for a wide range of portfolio needs.

Outstanding Macro Analysis

Our macro analysis & research is our critical differentiator, driving our investment and development philosophy regardless of investment strategy.

Structuring Expertise

We leverage our structuring expertise to optimise the outcomes of our tech and data integration to real world real estate.

Excellence in Risk Management

Extensive use and continual development of stress testing allows us to examine tail risks and mitigate potential real estate investment loss scenarios.

02 Company & investment approach

Three Pillars of Expertise

Our approach combines data analysis and tech leverage to deliver strategic return streams across a broad range of real estate solutions.

We differentiate our process via our three core pillars of expertise in tech, data analytics and risk management.

  1. 1
    We develop innovative proptech that have never been developed or integrated anywhere on the globe.
  2. 2
    The integration of proptech, fintech, franchising, marketing and training all owned and operated by Propr.
  3. 3
    Risk Management
    Our owned and operated integrated services leaves no room for guess work, we own all data and have a full 360 degree view of real estate in Asia.
03 investment strategies

Investment Opportunities

Propr addresses a wide range of portfolio needs, actively investing and pursuing opportunities across a broad range of real estate asset classes, instruments, and geographies, including digital assets.

For further information on investing with Propr, please contact us contact us.

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